Manjit Nerval arrived in Canada in 1980, as an immigrant with very humble beginnings. As a growing, hungry young man, Manjit sought the first opportunity available to come to Canada, a land where he believed he could realize his dreams. He didn’t know how quite yet, but he was ambitious, and his determination was conveyed clearly through his work ethic. From working as a custodian, driving a taxi and working in a meat production facility in his early days, Manjit was able to save enough money to start his own business. In 1985, Manjit Nerval founded Nerval Corporation. The company started with one retail location, and a year later the second location was opened. In 1987, Nerval started importing products from Korea, Taiwan, and India.

In 1991, Nerval started importing from China. In 1999, Nerval opened a trading office in China, and in 2000 Manjit Nerval decided to set up his own factory, where he employed over 100 people. Years passed, and with a commitment to honest customer service, delivering quality products and an unshakable work ethic, Manjit was able to expand his operation to its present-day capacity. Today, Nerval has 3 offices overseas, dedicated to quality control and container logistics. You don’t stay in business for over 30 years without an exceptional commitment to good business ethics.

Nerval Corporation offers products and services to the hospitality industry, the builder industry, the wholesale industry, the oil camp industry and the interior designing industry. Nerval offers a very wide range of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment to these industries, as well as installation services for many of our products. We are a “One-Stop-Shop” for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment. Have a look at our website, and see for yourself!

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